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Webcast Your Event...Get the Power and Reach of a Radio or Television Broadcast at a fraction of the cost!
Webcasting is broadcasting audio or video over the internet. Webcasting can be interactive and measurable. Involve your audience with Q & A's as well as polling to provide you with immediate feedback while your event is in progress. Increase the visual impact of your sales presentation, product launch or business announcement with your own PowerPoint slides. Best of all, Webcasting is secure, accessible and cost effective!

Webcasting provides you with the opportunity to lower your communication cost and increase its efficiencies by:
  • Increasing the size of your audience
  • Extending your reach to any location
  • Extending the life of your event with an archived version for viewing on-demand
  • Benefiting from the ability to reach your audience under any conditions
  • Providing interactive communications
  • Adding impact to any presentation with PowerPoint slides
  • Sharing information with customers, potential customers, employees, stockholders, business partners and the public

  • It's simple and easy to do, your webcast is only a call away...and we do it all...

    We have producers who work with you to plan your live webcast from your location or event-site.
    Experienced professionals handle all advance planning, including on-site preparation, internet connectivity, camera crews, lighting, audio systems and much more. On event day, our technicians handle every aspect of the production, from preparing the video and audio crews...to signal acquisition...then encoding the data...to streaming the content to your online audience over the internet.

    We provide complete end-to-end production and Technical Management for you:
  • Advance Event Planning and Coordination
  • Event and Registration Web Page Design
  • Pre-event end-to-end Testing and Rehearsal
  • Post-event Reporting
  • Post-event Editing and Archiving
  • Full In-house Video Production and Editing
  • Coordinating Internet Connectivity
  • On-site Certified Web Technicians
  • Portable Encoding and Transmission Equipment
  • Optional Satellite and Fiber Downlink

  • Webcasting can be a major factor in decreasing the cost of doing business, while increasing productivity by allowing you to reach your audience anywhere and anytime. Let us help you maximize your event experience with the safest and most cost effective form of communication...an online webcast.

    Info Help Desk (800) 305-5208
    Available 24/7
    New Service (972) 992-0058
    Rates Readycomm's technology Best Overall.
    Providers evaluated were Microsoft, Webex, IBM, Macromedia, Oracle and Raindance.