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What is my Owner Number?

Your Owner Number is your personal ReadyComm identification number that helps you make reservations, check your account and more. If you have questions about your Owner Number, call 877-355-1466.

Can I extend the length of my call?
Yes, you may extend the length of your call for as long as you like.

What happens if my call doesn't last the entire time I've scheduled it for?
You can end your call at any time without penalty.

What is my Conference ID?
Your Conference ID is the unique number designated to your conference. It is helpful to know the conference ID when joining an Operator Assisted or Event call.

What are participants required to know in order to join a conference?
It depends on the type of conference your participants need to join. Details for joining a conference are provided to the conference Leader at the time a reservation is made, or when the Leader signs up for the service. The Leader is responsible for providing Participants with instructions, unless other arrangements are made.

Is there a no-show fee?
For calls of 25 or more scheduled participants there is a $5 no-show fee for each unused line. However, there is a buffer of 10%. For example, if you scheduled a call for 100 participants but only 90 participants joined the conference, you will not be charged a no-show fee. You may make changes up to 24 hours in advance of the scheduled start time without incurring a no-show charge.

Is there a cancellation fee?
No, there is no fee for calls that are cancelled 24 hours before the conference is scheduled to begin. However, calls that do not occur and have not been cancelled 24 hours in advance are charged a $5 fee.

Does the Leader need to be first on line?
No, the Leader does not need to be first on line for a conference to begin, unless the Leader has changed the default settings on his Reservationless Plus account.




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