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ReadyComm's carrier has been recognized by Market Trends as the easiest, fastest carrier to do business with. Founded in 1991 and now serving more than 30,000 organizations. Well staffed with over 800 operators, customer service representatives, call supervisors, accounting, marketing, IS and IT professionals

Voyant teleconferencing systems provide our Reservationless Plus service. Voyant's award-winning, patent-protected ReadiVoice combines the latest in hardware and software technology to meet the demand for high-capacity, always-available, totally automated conferencing.

Compunetix teleconferencing systems provide our Operator Assisted service. Compunetix has the world's largest deployment of teleconferencing systems in the industry.

ReadyComm, Inc. was founded on delivering more to you, the customer, than a communication product. Our business is based on the following principals:

Only Conferencing - We only do conferencing, but we do it well. AT&T, MCI, Sprint and others sell dozens, if not hundreds, of other products. It's simply not possible for them to pay attention to your needs. ReadyComm is here to pay attention.

Save You Money - We are 30-70% less than our competitors.

Peace of Mind - 99% percent of the time we are able to provide a better solution. In the rare case that we can't, you'll have "Peace of Mind" that you reviewed your current solution and found you were doing okay.

Focus on You, the Customer - Everyone says their customers are the number one priority. Maybe what they really mean is signing-up new customers is the number one priority. They have accepted the fact they will lose a certain percentage of customers. ReadyComm is different. We work hard to earn our customers and we work even harder to keep them.



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